Chicago Bulls – Present Day Logo vs Windy City Logo

We’ve received numerous emails asking why is it that we always use the Chicago Bulls logo with the Windy City  smoke (logo on the right) for our customs. The reason is that New Era, the manufacturer for most of our customs, does not hold the current NBA licensing for headwear* – Reebok does. However, they do hold the rights to Hardwood Classics logos which is what the Windy City logo is categorized as.

So unless the “smoke-less” logo (on the left) becomes a Hardwood Classics logo or New Era signs a new distribution deal with the NBA, our options are limited to the available Hardwood Classics logo library. The same holds true for all other NBA logos.  If you browse our site,, you’ll notice that none of our New Era NBA hats utilize present-day logos.

*New Era does sell current NBA logo hats at their flagship stores and through their international partners – but not through its USA partners under an agreement with the NBA.

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