How To Clean Snapbacks

How To Clean Snapbacks


How to clean snapbacks

Is your fitted hat or snapback a bit dusty?  Worry not as we’ll show you how to clean snapbacks and fitteds.  While it’s tempting to just use tape to quickly grab the dust off, all you’re doing is leaving tape residue behind which will attract dust right back before you even know it.  So what’s the solution?  What you want to do is get a dry soft bristle brush (use a dry toothbrush for tough to reach areas like the joining of the visor and crown if needed) or a hat brush if you want to splurge but any soft bristle brush laying around the house will do.


What you want to do is swiftly (with slight pressure) pass the brush over the dusty areas in one direction (left to right or right to left).  If you don’t consistently brush in a particular direction, what winds up happening is the dust trapped in the brush will fall back on the hat in a vicious never ending cycle and then you’re like wtf Cranium told me it would work!  Be sure to periodically tap the brush on a hard surface to rid the trapped dust off the brush to speed up the cleaning process.


And whatever you do, NEVER put your fitted hat or snapback in the washing machine unless you want to throw it in the garbage (you’ll annihilate the shape of the hat – there’s no fixing that, not yet at least).


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